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Welcome to Rotary Bangalore J P Nagar

Rotary J P Nagar is part of Rotary International, an international service organization founded in 1905. We are a 30 year old club with around 70 members.

The club is vibrant with activities across all avenues of service. The families of our Rotarians are actively involved in giving their best to the welfare of the society.

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We meet on Fridays

Time: 7 pm

Venue: RV Dental College
CA-37, 24th Main,
J P Nagar 1st Phase, Bengaluru 560078

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About Us

About RI

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

What we do

Rotary members believe that we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world’s most persistent issues. Our 35,000+ clubs work together to:

  • Promote peace
  • Fight disease
  • Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Save mothers and children
  • Support education
  • Grow local economies

Club History

After the weekly meeting of Rotary South West, President Dr.Shankarnarayan, Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University, Dr.Sunderarajan ex- UNESCO, chairman Vijaya Educational Institutions, Mr.Srinivasan, industrialist and educationist, S Vishwanath, past presidents of South West and V K Parthasarathy, sec. of Rotary South West met for fellowship.

During the discussion it was felt that each Rotary club should concentrate on serving the community in and around it and should have a strong presence in its own community. All of them belonged to JP Nagar. So a thought crossed their minds.” Why not a rotary Club at JP Nagar”?

The founding fathers were clear in their minds about the Panchasheela which should be the basis for all activities of our club. They are :-

  • The spirit and ethical values of Rotary should be our ideal
  • The 4-way test should be our yard stick
  • The motto SERVICE ABOVE SELF should be our Beacon Light
  • Having true Rotarians and not just members, should be our bench mark
  • Thinking globally and acting locally should be our routine

In the last 25 years our club has achieved a lot due to this commitment of our Rotarians. Within a decade our club sponsored Rotary Metro, Rotary Kengeri Upanagara, Rotary Southeast. Before reaching our teens, Rotary J.P.Nagar was a proud mother. We fulfilled one of the most important ideal of Rotary – “EXTENSION”.

The club has also become synonymous by implementing many community based projects on a regular basis. Some of them include :

Drinking Water Project

We adopted a village, Sampigehalli, constructed an over head tank and a bore well. Pipes were laid to each street in the village and taps were provided in each street. 6000 villagers were benefitted.

Under R I Matching Grant the club has taken up a mega project by providing drinking water for more than 10,000/- residents at Kothanur Dinne, 9th phase, JP Nagar.

A water storage tank project for the benefit of the residents of Madhugiri has been implemented jointly with Rotary Club of Madhugiri.

A water purifying filter has been provided for overhead tanks at Jade village, in Shimoga District which serves the villagers with pure drinking water.

Comfort Station Projects

We adopted Sarakki Govt School in 1991 and provided two comfort stations helping 800 boys and girls.

At Sarakki Govt High School we provided comfort stations exclusively for the staff of the school.

At Kalkunte village, Bangalore Rural we provided a comfort station for the girl students of Sri Ranganatha Rural High School

At Geeta Public School, Jayanagar, we provided 3 comfort stations exclusively for slum students.

At Throlakki village , Malur Taluk we provided three comfort stations each to two Govt schools.

Health Care

Our Flagship Project , is the ROTARY LALITAMMA HOSPITAL – Which is also our Rotary centenary project. We started a hospital at Agara Village. The hospital is catering to 19 villages in and around Agara, comprising 10,000 villagers. The Club also provided an Ambulance to the hospital. The Eye care Hospital at Agara Village is the Silver Jubilee project of our Club, The total cost of this project was 26 lakhs.

Apart from these major projects, the Club also recently provided an Ambulance to the CSI hospital and Bangalore Institute of Oncology.

Keeping in mind the current health trends and needs of the community, we also established a Rotary Diabetes Diagnostic Center at Jnana Sanjivini Hospital, 2nd phase, JP Nagar, which is also a RI Matching Grant Project.

Last but definitely not the least, we have actively involved in Polio Eradication program which was a landmark International program and our efforts have contributed towards making India a polio free country.

Vocational Training Projects

A vocational Training Center has been setup at Kothannur Dinne, JP Nagar to impart computer and tailoring skills for economically backward women. This project is paving the way for many women to be empowered financially.

Literacy Projects

At Rani Sarla Devi School we have set up a Computer lab. We have adopted Govt. High school Sarakki, and provided Computers, Dictionaries, School Benches, Note books, Lockers and other equipment. We have also planted trees within the campus.

Our club always remains busy with many ongoing projects year round, such as organizing RYLA’s, conducting Blood Donation Camps, Medical Checkup camps, Dental Checkup camps, contributing to old age homes, orphanages, and the physically challenged. The club has not stopped its journey of serving the community and has lined up many more projects for the future.

The Club never lags behind in hosting several district events such as Dist. Assembly, ICGF’s , PET’s, and also in taking active part in District Conferences year after year and has done a commendable job.


Name of The Rotarain
  • Bahubali A
  • Annaiah P K
  • Prameelarani Annaiah
  • Chandrashekaraiah A S
  • Ravikumar A S
  • Devaraj C D
  • Umesh Chikmath
  • Akkamahadevi Chikmath
  • Mohan Rao D
  • Rahul D M
  • Ravishankar D S
  • Basavaraj Gadag
  • Poornima Gadag
  • Pithambari Gopal
  • Basavaraj Haldal
  • Nandeesh Hiremath
  • Kumaraswamy H R
  • Basavanna H S
  • Bindu Madhav M
  • Shankar H T
  • Jesintha R
  • Rajesh K
  • Parthasarathy Krishnamachar
  • Seshadri K
  • Srinivasan K
  • Rajesh Kumar K
  • Rajesh Kumar
  • Deepak Loomba
  • Marulasiddaiah M
  • Prashant Raikoty
  • Prabha Rao
  • G M Ravi
  • Chawhan R N
  • Suresh Robert
  • Ramachandraiah R
  • Abhilash S
  • V. Vishy Sethuraman
  • Giridhar Sharma
  • Rajesh Sheethakal
  • Veerabasana Shivappa
  • Sharadh Sindhia
  • Naveen Singh
  • Sumanth Kumar S
  • Meera Sumanth
  • Srinivas T S
  • Niranjan Umapathy
  • Suresh Babu V
  • Amar Chetan Y S
  • Nagaraja Rao M S
  • Srikanth Mohan
  • Shivashankar P R
  • Pranav Srimal
  • Eswara
  • Dr. Preethi
  • Dr. Rekha S
  • Dr. Haleema Yezdani
  • Dr. Srilakshmi T N

Past Presidents

Sl No. Rotary Year
(July 1st to June 30th)
President Secretary
1. 1988-1989 Rtn R Jagnathan Rtn M R Prabhuswamy
2. 1989-1990 Rtn R Jagnathan Rtn M R Prabhuswamy
3. 1990-1991 Rtn V K Parthasarathy Rtn D L V Sharma
4. 1991-1992 Rtn Goyal B K Rtn R Ramesh Babu
5. 1992-1993 Rtn D L V Sharma Rtn R Kandsamy
6. 1993-1994 Rtn M R Prabhuswamy Rtn M S Nagaraja
7. 1994-1995 Rtn D N Ramkrishna Rtn B Venktesh
8. 1995-1996 Rtn N P Ramsubbrao Rtn Capt M M Harish
9. 1996-1997 Rtn Capt M M Harish Rtn K V Hari
10. 1997-1998 Rtn S Sachidanand Rtn Suresh kumar
11. 1998-1999 Rtn K P Pradeep Rtn R Sathyanarayan Reddy
12. 1999-2000 Rtn R Ramesh Babu Rtn Surya Prakash
13. 2000-2001 Rtn Suresh kumar Rtn R S Rao
14. 2001-2002 Rtn R Sathyanarayan Reddy Rtn K Sreeshan
15. 2002-2003 Rtn R Kandsamy Rtn S Raju
16. 2003-2004 Rtn R S Rao Rtn A B Shivasubramanyam
17. 2004-2005 Rtn Murgesh H B M Rtn Ravishankar S
18. 2005-2006 Rtn Nagaraja Rtn Devaraj C D
19. 2006-2007 Rtn A B Shivasubramanyam Rtn Umesh S Chikmath
20. 2007-2008 Rtn U V Srinivasmurthy Rtn M S Nagaraja (2nd time)
21. 2008-2009 Rtn Devaraj C D Rtn Venkat Holla
22. 2009-2010 Rtn Umesh S Chikmath Rtn Suresh Babu V
23. 2010-2011 Rtn Basavaraj Haldal Rtn Marulsiddiah
24. 2011-2012 Rtn Suresh Babu V Rtn Annaiah P K
25. 2012-2013 Rtn Marulsiddiah Rtn Sridhar G H
26. 2013-2014 Rtn Deepak Loomba Rtn Mohan Rao
27. 2014-2015 Rtn Annaiah P K Rtn Sumanth Kumar
28. 2015-2016 Rtn Sridhar G H Rtn Basavaraj Gadag
29. 2016-2017 Rtn Sumanth Kumar Rtn Amar Chethan
30. 2017-2018 Rtn Ravikumar A S Rtn Rajesh S
31. 2018-2019 Rtn Basavaraj Gadag Rtn Bindu Madhav M
32. 2019-2020 Rtn Amar Chetan Rtn Kumaraswamy H R

Present Board

Rtn. Bindu Madhav M President
Rtn. Amar Chetan Immediate Past President
Rtn. Kumaraswamy H R President Elect
Rtn. Rajesh S Vice President
Rtn. Srinivas Rao T S Club Secretary
Rtn. Sethuraman Jt. Secretary
Rtn. G M Ravi Treasurer
Rtn. Kumaraswamy H R Director Club service
Rtn. Giridhar Sharma Director Vocational Service
Rtn. Ravishankar D S Director Community Service
Rtn. Suresh Robert Director International Service
Rtn. Rajesh Kumar K Director Youth Service
Rtn. Adiba Prakash Director Women Empowerment
Rtn. Pithambari Director Public Image
Rtn. Jesintha Director Polio Plus
Rtn. Rajesh K Sergeant at Arms
Rtn. Prabha Rao Bulletin Editor
Rtn. Ramachandraiah Chairman TRF
Rtn. Mohan Rao Chairman CSR
Rtn. Nandeesh Hiremath Director - Membership Development

Additional Directors

  • PP Rtn. Basavaraj Gadag
  • PP Rtn. Suresh Babu
  • PP Rtn. Marulasiddaiah S
  • PP Rtn. Basavaraj Haldal
  • PP Rtn. Devaraj

Club Trainer

  • PP Rtn. Umesh Chikmath

Permanent Projects

The club has executed several permanent projects like

  • Polio eradication program
  • Drinking water project at:
    • Kothanur Dinne, JP Nagar
    • Madhugiri
    • Jadé village, Shimoga district.
  • Established and managing General Hospital including
    • a Dental Care Unit in Agara village, providing free medical service for over 19 villages.
    • Sponsored Rotary Diabetic Diagnostic Centre at Jnana Sanjeevini Hospital at JP Nagar.
  • Vocational Centre: Providing training in tailoring and computer basics for economically backward women
  • Computer Lab at Rani Sarladevi School and Sarakki Govt. High School
  • Scholarships for merit students
  • For Government Schools:
    • Built comfort stations for girl students
    • Distributed benches, dictionaries and note books
  • Besides these, we have conducted mega health check up camps, organized tree planting, sponsored heart operations and undertaken other welfare projects.

Ongoing Projects

  • We supports Thalassemia
  • Rotary launchs Bembala
  • Skill Development Center for Autistic Children to empower
  • Pediatric Heart surgery to give life
  • Discourage use of plastic to save mother earth
  • To get committed Rotarians for the growth
  • Involve and Engage Rotarians
  • Blood Donation to save life
  • Provide basic infrastructure for our Govt and Rural Schools
  • Provide safe drinking water for school children and villagers for healthy living
  • Publicize to Build Rotary Image
  • Manage and self-sustain already established community infrastructure
  • Health check-up camps for the Prevention of disease
  • Carrier guidance program for economically challenged sector
  • Train youth to develop leadership abilities
  • Sport and cultural events for better bonding



Rotary Bangalore, JP Nagar

206, "KamalaBindu"
1st Main, 3rd Cross,
Avalahalli Extn., BSK 3rd Stage,
Bengaluru - 560 085
Mob: +91 98451 98655